Where is the love…

I’ve noticed recently a lot of disdain floating around for Valentines Day. In fact, not just Valentines Day; expressions of happiness or love in general. Whether they be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, there’s quite a few of you getting really hot and bothered (and not in the good way) about people living their best life!I know, I know, some people are only out there to brag but honestly, most people are just getting excited and want to share that & I don’t blame them! I LOVE sharing great things that have happened to me, as well as the disappointing and at times downright tragic!

If you’re one of these people who feels the need to be so offended by other people’s happiness, ask yourself this one question: why do you even care??

If I see someone being happy my default reaction is to be happy for them. If I felt the need to spout off a bunch of negativity about others happiness I must be a really sad individual with quite an empty life. That’s not you? You’re not a sad sack? You don’t have an empty life? Well let me tell you that’s exactly how you’re coming across as you’re spewing out your bitterness and that’s how people are gonna see you.

Work harder on building up your OWN happiness instead of feeling the need to trample on others, whether that’s directly or indirectly (subtweeters I’m looking at you) & I will leave you to mull that over whilst sharing one of my favourite quotes:

‘If you have lovely thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams & you will always look lovely’ Roald Dahl ✨


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