How did you bruise your shoulder?


The candles as I lit them made that familiar sound. I was so relieved the temperature had dropped to something so cool for an August evening. Not only could we now get some soft lighting in here but I could slip on the stockings I knew he loved to see me in without that uncomfortably hot feeling. I clipped them onto my new suspender belt: The Talisa. I’d bought this set with him in mind. I knew he’d appreciate the intricacies of which bits he could peel off and which bits he could keep on me throughout. I slipped on a deep maroon leather pencil skirt with a slit up the front. It had an almost purple tinge in the flickering light. I then pulled on a sheer T-shirt in a similar dark red coloured lace. The black straps of what lay underneath peeking through ready to tempt imaginations…

I’d just slipped on some delicate, strappy nude suede heels when the doorbell rang.

Mr USA has arrived.

He was more chatty than usual. I like that. I was sat at the edge of the bed, legs in a low cross, he was sat on the chair opposite me untying his shoelaces and briefly filling me in on a Hail Mary he had to pull at work at the last minute. He seems relieved to finally be here and then his eyes dart between my legs. The slit at the front of the skirt has exposed the top of my stockings and this is like a red rag to a bull. I see the fire in his eyes as they light up and he falls silent. I know there won’t be a great deal of chat now. He stands. He towers over me. He delicately lifts my chin up, bends over and kisses me softly. It’s so gentle. He firmly wraps his hand around my lower leg and yanks me towards him hard. I slide right to the edge of the bed and stand up. He tells me he can see I have something underneath my clothes that he wants to see. I tell him there’s a surprise waiting…

A fistful of hair is how he plants my face into the wooden door. Hard enough to show me his strength but gentle enough not to injure me. He is very measured with the force he uses. He unzips the lace top and I pull it over my head. He tells me to get the skirt off. Now. I unzip it and it’s barely hit the floor before his hands are admiring every complicated pattern wrapping up my body before him. His face looks delighted.

‘Hmmmm, how does this work…’

He trails off, a wry smile as his fingers explore not just the lingerie but the rapidly dampening lips of mine. He kisses me softly at first, then passionately. He throws in a few well placed slaps across my breasts. They sting. He chokes me with one hand as he undresses himself effortlessly with the other. Soon he’s in his boxers only. I’m reduced to heels, suspender belt and stockings. He pushes me down to my knees and tells me to take off his boxers. I slowly pull them down as he bounces out of them inches from my face.

I can’t wait to get him in my mouth.

He’s started to angle my head differently recently. Ensuring one hand cradles my chin/throat lifting it up and the other has gathered my hair up into a high pony he has absolute control and can fuck my throat extra deep and hard. I’m almost immediately gagging and the inevitable drool spills down my chin in long strands that stick to his balls as they slap against me. With every couple of thrusts I retch and although I manage to control myself I cannot stop the floods of tears from spilling the mascara down my cheeks.

We’ve barely got started and he’s already half ruined me.

He fucks me on the bed. He’s on top of me. Those massive shoulders muffling my moans. He’s strapped me to the bed with restraints so even if I wanted to close my legs I couldn’t. They’re forced wide open. And he loves that. So do I. His hands grip around my stomach hard as he pushes himself into me. As I express my pleasure he sticks his fingers down my throat causing me to gag suddenly. He then slaps me across the face HARD before strangling me and fucking me harder. My face goes red and he lets go just in time…

He ties my hands behind my back and stands me up. My Bambi legs are so wobbly from orgasm they buckle immediately. He stands me up gently now. Supportive. Slower. I’m stood facing the bed. As he bends me and pushes my face down into the bed my legs remain stood straight. This is how he fucks me. With my hands still tied, I pull my cheeks apart. He likes that. So do I.

He pulls out quickly and drags me by my hair to the other side of the room. I’m back on my knees and he’s fucking my face again. He plays with my arse while he does so. First relaxing me with a gentle slip of the finger and then tightening me with a hard belt to my butt cheek. He wipes his wet cock all over my face watching me squirm before hitting me with it. Once again I’m pulled up to my feet by my hair and, hands still tied behind my back, he drags me towards the doorway. He has me bent at a right angle, legs apart, my right shoulder pressed against a doorframe. My hands pulling apart my cheeks again for him to enter. He loves this angle. The way the mirrors are all positioned he can see every angle of this tryst. The way he’s pounding into me I can feel my shoulder taking all the impact. It doesn’t last long.

Play stops. Not for long. He tells me what he wants and I oblige. I put on my ankle restraints, my wrist restraints, my collar & my ball gag. I tie up my hair into a high ponytail. I know this is about to get good.

What follows is a tangle of ankles getting clipped together while he kisses my clitoris with so much saliva it feels better than anything. His touch is always exceptional. Then my wrists are restrained to the bed frame while he slaps me, defenceless before straddling my face and fucking my mouth just how I like it. BUT before all that he pulls out a lead and clips it to my collar. He leads me around on the floor with sharp yanks of the lead. It’s humiliating and I love it. He alternates between pushing himself so hard in my mouth I can’t breathe to holding his dick just out of reach, yanking me back and making me lick his balls instead. Whenever I’m not sucking his dick the ballgag fills my mouth. All cries muffled until he has me pinned on the bed, roughly pulls it out and asks me how much I like his dick inside me.

‘I love it’ I said as I look deep into those fiery eyes.

‘What do you like?’

‘Your dick. Filling me up. Pinning me down’

I get some deep, rough thrusts as a result of this admission.

He picks me up and perches me on the large oak chest of drawers. I lean back & the way I’m angled makes him go VERY deep. He holds me by my throat for most of this and the passion is reaching achingly high levels. The sound of our panting is getting faster and he’s hitting a sensitive spot that’s making it difficult for me to control myself. I slip my arms under his and pull his shoulders towards me. I’m practically hanging off him as I feel him swell inside me. I can barely stop the shaking of my legs with the orgasms he’s giving me.

He makes me kneel on the floor and pushes me face down on the bed. I hear him opening the lube and I know what’s about to happen to me. He rubs my arsehole gently with it, relaxing me. One finger slowly slides in. Veeeeery slowly. More lube. My low moans escape muffled against the duvet, his finger goes in again. Wetter this time. I try to relax. Now two fingers are inside me. He gently slides them in and out. In and out. I take some deep breaths. As soon as he pulls them out entirely his throbbing dick is right in their place and he pushes it all the way in letting out a deep moan as he does. I take a sharp intake of breath as I feel every inch of him slip right inside. He presses his whole body weight on top of me. I can’t move. I can hardly breathe. My heart is pounding and I feel so helpless as he fucks my ass faster and faster. His sticky hands pushing my face down harder into the bed.

I’ve never been more turned on.

My muffled whimpering is having the same effect on him and he roughly pulls himself out. He stands me up and bends me over. My heels and stocking still on, my hands against the wall. He pushes himself into my arse again and I REALLY feel it this time. He starts rubbing my clitoris with lube and I know I’ll collapse if I orgasm again this feels so intense. I don’t get the opportunity as he grabs my hips roughly and pounds his orgasm deep into me. He holds himself inside for some time as he groans and catches his breath. I can feel every throb within me as he wraps his arms around my stomach and squeezes me. He slowly grinds out and some of his cum dribbles out of me into the floor. I turn around and give him a delicate kiss on his perspiring forehead as he kindly tells me to hop in the shower while he cleans the room. I’m glad, I need some hot water on my muscles, my shoulder feels sore…


12 thoughts on “How did you bruise your shoulder?

  1. HOT DAMN this was amazing, lady!! Well done on writing up such a hot encounter. Mr. USA sounds like a fun fellow. Lucky you ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah cheers Sarah! Heโ€™s super fun I am very lucky indeed!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OMFG that sounds like an evening in paradise! Deeeelicious

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Iโ€™ll be reliving that one for YEARS ๐Ÿ˜

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Posy Churchgate August 13, 2018 — 7:33 pm

    That’s a sex marathon right there, but you wrote it well, keeping it hot and frantic and clearly loving all the rough degrading things Mr USA likes to do to you. The underwear looks fab, I’m sure it will get several outings and always dynamic results!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Daniel James-Stevens August 14, 2018 — 5:40 pm

    Loved every moment of this! So hot! So well written too, had me picturing every moment. Congrats on finding someone you sound so well suited to. I almost had shivers whilst reading this it was so hot! Special mention has to go to the anal sex part. Wow! I certainly look forward to reading more content

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Daniel James-Stevens August 15, 2018 — 12:31 am

      Just read this a second time, and I have to say it was even hotter this time around! Wow ๐Ÿ˜ˆ This is as good as any erotica Iโ€™ve ever read ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Really enjoyed the hotness and urgency of this

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Daniel James-Stevens September 8, 2018 — 5:45 pm

    Revisiting this story weeks later, and still just as hot as the very first time I read it! ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป hope to read more like this from you soon Bianca

    Liked by 1 person

  7. A great read, highly erotic, had my mind running away to two years ago when my Rusdian gf and I had a simlar relationship. She used to insist we met initially in public so she had control before relinqiishing her pursuit of pleasure to me. At the time we were both working across Europe (I still am) so the thought of meeting in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam etc heightened the tension to almost unbearable levels. Good work Bianca

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Love this,such a naughty story.knowing you from your social media platforms how gorgeous you are this just makes you even more appealing.more please!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. You look so sexy in your photo on this story in the underwear bianca.great story and well written,we need more.we need more photos like that!


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