Salivation: Kyms

‘Ooh look at that MEAT!’ I exclaimed.

The golden, glossy duck carcasses glistened in their newly erected stainless steel home. My eyes panned to the left and there stood a curved staircase wrapped around a magnificent pink blossom tree that kissed the ceiling in this recently opened Chinese restaurant. Kyms is nestled amongst Vinoteca & Caravan in the deliciously shiny Bloomberg Arcade.

I was seated in a cute mini booth and slid onto the baby pink suede banquette as I wrestled out of my rain mac and frantically started scouring the menu. The first thing that caught my eye was the silken tofu with 100 year old egg. I was delighted to discover that my companion was feeling as adventurous as I and we took the plunge. A shallow bowl of soy sauce, egg and tofu swimming within; I was actually pleasantly surprised! The egg was firm, savoury & nutty. Like some kind of soft hazelnut. I was relieved that my bravery had been rewarded. The safe option of mushroom dumplings on the side were so fluffy and I greedily dunked them into the tofu soy combo. It was glorious.

The waitress spoke so highly of the pork and prawn bao bao that it HAD to be ordered. What arrived was not what I was expecting… in a good way. Imagine a hot skillet full of gyoza. The bases almost roasting in the fat & had begun to take on a lightly golden colour that gave them the most satisfying umami hit. They were nestled amongst fried eggs which were crispy at the edges and runny in the middle (please stop drooling on your phone whilst you’re reading this). The pork/prawn filling in the gyoza was sweet and juicy. The entire dish was a triumph… however, this is advertised as a sharing dish… & I can’t stress this enough:

Do not share this dish.

It’s too lovely and you might end up fighting over it if you’re as greedy as I am. I hated the noodles as they were doused in my nemesis: coriander. My own fault really for not checking beforehand. I’m sure they were quite lovely for those of you with a normal set of tastebuds.

The chicken was simple & utter perfection. Rich in flavour served with soy, ginger and spring onion dipping sauces, this is a dish you could eat over and over again.

The monster pineapple doughnut we ordered to share for dessert was satisfyingly enormous and reminded me of the elephants foot they used to sell in Greggs when I was a kid.

Classy cocktails, quality dishes and warm service. I think Kyms might do alright you know…

£99.56 for two including drinks and service

Nearest tube: Bank


19 Bloomberg Arcade



1 thought on “Salivation: Kyms

  1. This place sounds amazing! YUM!


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