Salivation: Fancy Crab

So I had seen a LOT of hype about Fancy Crab. At first I was excited! Then I started to jade (is that a word?) & wondered if it was gonna be one of those obscenely hyped up places that’s actually crap. Like Paris.

So anyway I was a touch hungover on my arrival to Fancy Crab. I pushed open the glass door & the cold November wind breezed the deep red velvet curtain to one side as I slipped through. Fancy crab has a nice vibe. Casual yet smart. I was seated on a booth & I ordered The Lucky Catch; a cocktail filled with breakfasty sounding things that would negate the previous nights heavy drinking. Things like marmalade, peach and cucumber. It was absolutely splendid and within two sips I was revived.

As I looked around I could see an exposed brick wall filled with beautiful portraits. The kitchen had a front that reminded me of Harrods shellfish display. Full of ice & crustaceans in glamorous poses asking you to draw them like one of your French girls… I digress. We MUST discuss the starters. Oh my LORD the starters *drools on my typewriter*.

My companion ordered the scallops and omg, omg, they were sublime. Cooked to absolute perfection. Buttery, sweet, resting on a hot, salty, melt in the mouth FAT hunk of smoked pancetta with some celeriac purée smeared on the plate for good measure. The crisp, piping hot king crab tempura we shared was also stunning with its sexy lil pot of saffron aioli. In addition to my fragrant tomato and burrata salad I was more than delighted with our choices!

I wasn’t as excited by my main; the king crab burger. If I’m honest, I wanted the Singapore Chilli Crab but I’d been warned by the waiter that there was coriander in the sauce so that wasn’t gonna happen. My burger was perfectly nice. Soft brioche bun, crab, lettuce, dressing. It just wasn’t as wow as the starters y’know? But I did order Jerusalem artichokes on the side and boy was I glad I did. Imagine deep fried roasties dashed with slivers of garlic and flecks of rosemary and you’ll have a good idea of how comforting they were. I basically ate the entire dish to myself.

I ordered the Creme Brûlée for dessert which was perfectly lovely and served on a bed of lavender which, if I’m honest, didn’t add much to the dish. The ebony white cocktail however was YUMMY. Too heavy for me to finish unfortunately, being as gluttonous as I am. Imagine a heavy cut crystal tumbler filled with a variation on an espresso martini with heavy cream floated on the top. Gorgeous. But certainly a dessert in its own right. Please don’t do a Bianca and get that and a dessert. It’s too much.

I really want to return to Fancy Crab. Turns out they are pretty fine purveyors of seafood and conveniently located should you be mad enough to do your Christmas shopping round there. Just don’t be mad enough to skip the starters… they’re too bloody good.

£168.88 for two including drinks and service

Nearest tube: Bond Street

92 Wigmore Street



2 thoughts on “Salivation: Fancy Crab

  1. This place sounds seriously delicious!!

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  2. Since the closure of Palais du Jardin on Longacre, my favourite sea food eaterie in London this is now on my list for a visit. Thanks!

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