How did the window get those smudges?

‘Should we head back to the hotel?’ He asked calmly, just out of earshot of our friends, his face calm & sober compared to his usual jovial demeanour. We were surrounded with laughter and the clinking of drinks but for that brief moment things felt serene as I looked him confidently in the eye and replied ‘Yes, I think we should.’

This was only the second time I’d met Idris & I’d found him extremely charming & charismatic from the first meeting. If there was any flirtation it was subtle to the point of being undetectable. He was just warm, respectful & disarmingly easy to chat with. But I felt an attraction there. I had no indication this was reciprocated until the question was asked & I was happy it had been.

Losing our friends was difficult. Neither of us wanted to indicate we wanted to be alone and deal with the flurry of questions that would indefinitely follow. After returning to the hotel as a group, we dashed into the lift together and still not a move was made. The tension was building. Click. As soon as the hotel door closed behind us we unleashed upon one another. Frantic kisses and hands all over. Passion. We danced our way across the room until we were on the side furthest from the door. I kicked off my heels and pulled off my stockings. Idris pulled the curtains wide open. We were at the top of the building with views across the city from the floor to ceiling window. He was gleefully unbuttoning my silk shirt and it fell to the ground. He went to remove my skirt and I pushed him against the window.

I wanted him to watch.

I walked away from the window and bent over the bed, my body lit by the Christmas lights outside. I slid the pencil skirt slowly to the floor bending right over to give him the perfect view. I had on a lace bodysuit I’d chosen earlier with him in mind. From this point things escalated quickly.

He pushed me naked against the window, my breasts cooled rapidly by the cold glass, my nipples hardening. I put my hands high above my head and he pulled my body away slightly so he could kiss my lips from behind… not the ones on my face. The top of my body still pressed against the glass for everyone to seeif they were up that late. I was struggling to stand upright, Idris was really good with his tongue. We started to manoeuvre to the bed but didn’t quite make it. I was already on my knees taking him down as far as I could and loving every second of it. I was playing with his balls as I was & although he was deeply enjoying it, he pulled me off. If there was one word I’d use to describe Idris as a lover it’d be selfless. Or oral. He went down on me for SO LONG. It was like one big orgasm wave. He wouldn’t stop. He clearly LOVED doing that and was very good at it. I was having such a good time laying in his bed. Eventually I dragged him away from my soaking pussy only for him to slip that hard cock of his inside me while pinning me down and grabbing me by my hair. I loved it. I was grabbing his right back and running my hands down his back, he had the smoothest skin.

He was shoving his fingers down my throat, slapping my ass and telling me how sexy I was. I tried to tell him the same but it was difficult to speak when he was making me suck his fingers and draping his wet tongue across mine. We were contorting ourselves in all kinds of fun ways, I laid with my legs hanging off the bed and pulled his groin over my head, pulling his bottom down so I could squeeze every inch of his dick in my throat. I could tell he was mindful of gagging me but I loved the sensation when he did. Tears running down my cheek as he got balls deep in there. We must have carried on for hours, we got very little sleep. When I woke from the brief nap and announced my departure the next morning he swiftly rolled on top of me and slipped right into my tight pussy. ‘You’re so wet’ he exclaimed. Of course I was, I was laid next to this incredibly sexy man. He felt SO good. We fucked ourselves into absolute exhaustion & I literally could not stand afterwards.

As the grey morning light flooded in the room I pulled on my lace bodysuit & he told me how much he liked me wearing that. I smiled & asked him what he was going to do about the smudges on the window.

‘Nothing’ he said proudly.


5 thoughts on “How did the window get those smudges?

  1. Sounds like you had a good time with Ben, I’m hoping one day I’ll have as passionate encounters!

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  2. There is no feeling like hotel sex, it simply is the best and most exhilerating feeling ever. As i travel Europe on business and had a gf who was a sex addict this scenario is very real to me. I would love to meet you to swap war stories Bianca.


  3. All. The. Hot.


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  4. Acknowledging I’m not one of those that can leave his towels on the hotel bathroom floor, I do strongly recommend those small packets of Windolene wipes.

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