Do you want to come back to mine?

It was the first time he had been to my place. I apologised for it being so dinky as I assumed he was accustomed to more palatial abodes. He commented on how nice it was… that was enough small talk.

I’d been itching to get my hands on his body all night. I don’t think I’ve ever drank my Malbec so fast. In the taxi back we refrained from any touching and the sexual tension was at unbearable levels by the time we had endured the 20 minute journey back from Soho. As we burst into my bedroom I kicked off my nude strappy heels & pulled off my navy midi dress to reveal my most recent Honey Birdette purchase; red, lace, straps, suspenders, stockings. His eyes bulged and I asked him if he could tell I had this on under my conservative outfit. Clearly not from his surprise. I started pulling his clothes off, frantic kisses in between clothing being draped across various pieces of furniture. I dropped to my knees as he undid his trousers… I loved his dick filling my mouth and the feel of his fingertips inching through my thick blonde hair as he pulled me closer. I manoeuvred us in front of the mirror so he could get a better look at my body while I blew him but he could no longer stand and sat down at the edge of the bed as I carried on sucking. He pulled me off roughly and threw me onto the bed. I was soaking wet for him and he wasted no time slipping himself into me from behind. The way he was pulling my hair and fishooking me as he pounded was such a turn on for me and he knew it. He loved seeing me so excited… and he loved the image of the red suspender belt that I was still wearing. The straps running down my cheeks to the lace of the stockings at the top of my thighs.

He pulled out just in time to spray the entirety of my back with his hot load. I loved that. But not as much as what he did next… knowing I was close he didn’t stop there. With one hand he slipped two fingers back into me, and the other two into my ass, keeping the momentum going.

My orgasm was close.

With his other hand he smeared his semen all over me, his fingers dripping with it, before wrapping his hand round my face making me suck them clean. I loved his flavour & he continued this ritual over and over. It wasn’t long before I was coming all over his fingers and he laid himself down beside me & pulled me close to him, both sticky from one another’s juices. After we had smudged that hotel window together last time I wondered if we would get to repeat the excitement, turns out we were just warming up…


1 thought on “Do you want to come back to mine?

  1. Daniel James-Stevens March 12, 2019 — 12:07 am

    I LOVE the way you describe him smearing all the cum and saliva all over you. The same way you described rubbing cock all over your face. You sure have a way with words Bianca! Only just read this and already can’t wait for more NSFW blog posts!


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