What’s your room number?

‘What’s your room number?’ I whispered into his ear.

We were surrounded by the laughter of the friends we had spent all evening with. They didn’t know there was anything more than friendship between us although I felt it was glaringly obvious. Our legs entangled under the long table we were all sat at was the only physical touch between us but it was enough to get me worked up.

‘505’ he muttered under his breath so no one else could hear. I repeated it back to him to be sure. All I could think was how much I loved that Arctic Monkeys song. When no one was looking he slipped his room card into my pocket. I wanted to race up with him straight away but I waited patiently for him to head up first. Once he realised he had given me the only room card and not the spare he slid his hand into my pocket to retrieve it.

I wanted those hands on me.

He said his goodbyes to everyone and left the hotel bar.

I wondered if this hotel would have windows we could fuck against like our first encounter.

I feigned sleepiness soon after and said I was heading up. Probably a little too soon but I was too excited to wait any longer. Our friend Rick said ‘Oh great, me too! I’ll head up with you’.


I started thumbing at the ruby necklace round my neck. It’s a habit I have that I find comforting although it was less so on this occasion. ‘Sure’ I responded. I knew any other reaction would arouse suspicion and we walked off to the lifts together. Once we were out of sight of the others I pretended I’d drank too much and needed to dash into the loo we were passing. Before he could suggest otherwise I hurriedly wished him goodnight and popped into the ladies where I spent an appalling amount of time applying lipstick and brushing my hair to ensure he hadn’t hung around to wait for me. After about ten minutes I popped my head round the door to check the coast was clear and took the stairs to be on the safe side…

Five floors later.

Wasn’t expecting to be out of breath before I arrived at Idris’ hotel room so took a moment before pushing open the door that he had left on the latch. I was delighted to finally be alone with him & we descended into kisses instantaneously. What happened next was a passionate blur but I remember regretting wearing a complicated lace bodysuit as I was impatient to get it off; I was dying to feel his skin against mine. As we kissed he pushed me onto the bed as he knelt before me…

As I laid on the bed he pinned my ankles up by my head as he fucked me. He felt so good, particularly after the build up of being unable to touch him all night. The whole evening had felt like a kind of secret foreplay. I was so excited by the time I’d reached his room I could already feel how wet my lips were. He used this to his advantage and slipped right in. But I wasn’t expecting what he did next…

He pulled himself out of me and grabbed his penis at the base. Immediately he slipped it slightly lower and verrrry slowly slid himself into my ass. I’d suspected he had a kinkier side to him since our first encounter and was delighted he was revealing it to me. I love anal sex but so many guys do it badly. Idris was doing it so right.

‘Your ass is so tight’ he commented in his deep, thick Parisian accent. I was happy he was enjoying this as much as I was. He spun me round so my face was buried between the pillows, grabbing my hair roughly and fish hooking my mouth as he ejaculated deep inside me. It was so satisfying & only after we were done did I realise he’d fucked me so hard that he managed to break my necklace! (Worth it.) He handed the ruby to me & I placed it on the bedside table.

Drunk & exhausted, we didn’t stay awake for long. I woke a few hours later, super thirsty & got up to get a glass of water. Upon returning to bed I promptly spilled most of it down myself. I dried myself off & Idris drank the rest and then got up to get more. Upon his return my body was cold from the water so I snuggled against his hot, smooth skin to warm up. He seemed sleepy. I told him I needed to get going shortly for work and started kissing his neck to say goodbye. I didn’t wanna leave. The kisses revived him somewhat and he rolled on top of me and I was surprised that he was already rock hard. He slipped inside me and we had that gloriously sleepy hungover sex that felt even more satisfying that the night before. I was sharper and appreciated his body more. His kisses were minty, he must have freshened up in the bathroom. His tongue against mine was driving me wild. I pushed him off and got on all fours so he could fuck me doggy style. He grabbed my hips and pounded me hard. After some delicious thrusting he sprayed his load all over my back. Once again dipping his fingers in and making me taste it. There was so much, I could feel it dripping all down my body. I was covered in him. He returned from the bathroom and gently cleaned me up with a towel. His aftercare was as satisfying as his lovemaking but I couldn’t stay much longer. We cuddled for a few glorious minutes before I had to make a move.

‘Don’t forget this.’ He handed me the Ruby from the bedside table & I smiled thinking that when I managed to fix this I wouldn’t be able to wear it again without remembering how it broke…


3 thoughts on “What’s your room number?

  1. You write so well, Bianca! You have a real knack for it. I hope you’ll continue to publish accounts of your encouters. I think it helps that we like the same kind of sex of course, but you certainly know how to capture the moment well and project it through the power of words. Congrats 🙂


  2. Daniel-James Stevenson April 17, 2019 — 12:52 am

    I absolutely love reading your writing from your experiences, and picturing every single hot moment as you describe it in vivid detail. I can’t wait to read more similar posts. Please keep em comin Bianca, pun intended 😉🔥🔥🔥


    1. Daniel-James Stevens April 17, 2019 — 1:02 am

      Also, anything you post around anal and anal play is HOT AF!!! 🔥🔥🔥😈😈😈


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