‘Are you happy?’

As I slid the card into the hotel room door handle I wondered about Idris, I knew he would be at this conference, he was presenting one of the talks after all… would I see him? I wasn’t sure. Recently he had cooled right off. Click. The door unlocked. I stepped inside my palatial hotel room wheeling my suitcase behind me. I glanced around at the panoramic views of the city, the corner bath & the ENORMOUS bed & wished I had some time to relax. After my long journey I was aching to jump into the spacious bathtub, filling it with bubbles… I didn’t have any time to enjoy the complimentary upgrade though. I had a conference to attend. That’s why I was here after all. I was still in my travel outfit of black trousers, a blue shirt & comfy trainers. That’ll do, I thought. I gave my hair a quick brush & headed straight out. There were already multiple talks underway as I arrived at the venue. It was a fairly relaxed atmosphere & knowing I could dip in and out as needed I chose a seat near the back. It was fairly informal with people dipping in and out as required so I wasn’t noticeable for my late arrival. Across the corridor was another talk well underway. It was much darker in there as opposed to my brightly lit room. Idris crossed my mind again… I definitely wanted to see him in a non professional capacity, I wonder if I should text him?

Bzzzzzzz. My phone buzzed. It was him. He said he could see me, my eyes widened. I suddenly deeply regretted not taking the time to change out of my casual attire back at the hotel. I felt like I must look really scruffy. This was not the impression I’d intended on making. Hopefully he was too far away to notice, I couldn’t see him & assumed he was sat in the shadows. We chatted back and forth a little. He said he was heading out now as he had to prepare for his talk the following day. I noticed a few people had slipped out of that room and assumed he was one of them. I was sad I didn’t get to see him but relieved I could make sure I looked a bit more presentable for next time. I tried to focus on my talk.

Bzzzzzz. My phone went again. ‘My prep will only take about 40 mins. Why don’t I meet you at your hotel for lunch afterwards?’. I immediately stood up in such an abrupt way some people turned to look. Oh god, 40 minutes?! I looked like crap, I hadn’t shaved my legs, god knows where my good underwear was in that horrendously packed suitcase of mine?! I needed to get back to the hotel ASAP to get ready. I dashed out of the room before I’d even replied to him, prompting a follow up text from him to ask for my room number. ‘Top floor, room one’ I replied. I decided to abandon any attempt at salvaging my hair and pinned it up, ran a bubble bath & slipped in. Oh this felt glorious. I never wanted to get out. I’d popped on AM by Arctic Monkeys to listen to as I got ready. I couldn’t listen to 505 now without being reminded of him…

By the time I got out of the bath I had about 5 minutes left to get ready. Crap. Punctuality isn’t my strong suit at the best of times but I was being particularly hard pressed on this occasion. Ok. Focus Bianca. Underwear. I rifled through my suitcase and to my delight found a gorgeous little red Valentine’s harness I’d gotten from the last fetish party I attended. My body still wet, I threw my fluffy dressing gown on over the top. I wanted him to be surprised by what was underneath. Next: Ambience. Hmmm it’s kinda tricky making a hotel room feel not like a hotel room but I knew I had some wine and a scented candle packed in my case. I pulled them out before realising I had no bottle opener or lighter. Classic Bianca. Ok well better finish putting myself together; I gave a quick reapplication of my mascara and lipstick and unpinned my hair and let it tumble around my shoulders. I was so hot and flustered from rushing to get ready when just at that moment I heard a knock at the door. It was him.

(lingerie by velveteenaleigh)

I pulled open the door elatedly & my eyes lit up at the sight. I already felt hot and now I could feel my face burning up with excitement at seeing him. He looked gorgeous in his jacket and shirt & as he pulled his scarf off he apologised for his cold hands. It was freezing outside. I told him they’d be welcome on me as I was far too hot and as we kissed he slipped them inside my dressing gown and they were welcome relief on my hot skin. He noticed I was wearing some interesting attire and told me to open the robe. He wanted to see me properly. I gave him only a glimpse, feeling oddly nervous suddenly, I left the robe open and loose. The kisses continued; frantic, passionate. His cool hands gliding all over me, absorbing my heat. I couldn’t undress him fast enough. Between kisses he was telling me how he couldn’t concentrate on work for the last 40 minutes as he couldn’t stop thinking of me & was hard throughout. This just excited me further, I unbuckled his belt and slid it out of its belt hooks. I then fastened it around my neck, much to Idris’ surprise. I pulled it tight around my neck, handed one end to him & let my robe fall to the floor.

His eyes bulged and I dropped onto my knees. I pulled out his rock hard cock and slipped it into my mouth, cradling & fondling his balls with my left hand. Using the belt as a leash he yanked me forwards, hard. I couldn’t breathe. My neck tightly bound, my mouth full of his dick, he was in absolute control & he knew it. I loved that helpless feeling of being completely at his mercy. He gave my throat one final thrust before roughly yanking me off & as I gagged, a long string of saliva connected us, then broke away & fell across my breasts. He told me to get on the bed and spread my legs. I laid on my back & did exactly as I was told. I noticed ‘I Wanna Be Yours’ was playing in the background and thought how much I loved that song as I felt his tongue touch my wet pussy. He was so good at this. I was grinding into him & trying not to come too quickly but the he had other ideas. The combination of his expert lips against mine & his saliva drenched tongue gliding over my clitoris was too much for me to resist & after I climaxed I realised the Arctic Monkeys playlist I’d left on earlier was still going.

I sat upright & he handed me the box of condoms from his pocket. Before long I was tearing open that durex wrapper and slipping it onto him with my mouth. I turned around & climbed onto all fours and he grabbed my thighs and pulled them off the bed. He wanted me stood up. My legs were shaky from my orgasm but I did as he commanded and he penetrated me deep. I’d barely steadied myself before he was pounding away, our legs intertwined holding up our bodies whilst the mattress took our weight, my face pressed into the duvet before he yanked the belt leash around my neck, pulling me where he wanted by this makeshift harness. He wanted anal sex but we didn’t have any lube for that. My bambi legs could take little more and I laid back onto the bed and pulled him on top of me. I loved feeling the weight of his body on top of mine & opened my legs for him as wide as they’d go. Watching his face as he fucked me was such a huge turn on, I pulled him closer and slipped my tongue in his ear as he climaxed inside me. There’s no better feeling.

As he trotted off to the bathroom for a little clean up he was telling me that he’d never seen anyone use a belt as a kinky leash before. I expressed my surprise & I commented on how cute and pert his little bottom was. He disagreed. He is wrong. He climbed back into bed afterwards and we snuggled. I let my fingertips run along the curves of his arm muscles as I peppered his chest with delicate kisses. I was telling him how delighted I was that he messaged to meet up albeit being appallingly short notice. ‘Yeah you seemed pretty excited the way you jumped up and ran out of there mid-talk’ Oh my God. He’d SEEN THAT. I cringed HARD at him witnessing my extreme lack of cool, I thought he’d already left at that point?! Evidently not. I rapidly changed the topic and was now groping his thighs. They were SO HARD. *insert love heart eyes emoji*. When I mentioned this he asked if he could unclench them now. ‘Oh are you just tensing them for my benefit then?’ I ribbed. ‘I’m tensing whatever bit you’re touching’ he joked. Idris is funny but he has a serious side which I rarely see much of. The conversation changed slightly & as his wedding ring glinted in the light I asked him if he was happy. Not with me, just as a general question. There was a comfortable silence as his thoughts started swirling away.

‘It’s complicated’ he said.

artwork by pachutorresart

1 thought on “‘Are you happy?’

  1. Enjoyed reading this. “It’s complicated” is such a cliched answer when it comes to affairs yet not untrue, i think it often is when you maybe want to let go but are also scared. I am intrigued though, are you more emotionally invested in this guy than any previously, to concern yourself with his “happiness” on more than one level! Your so good, it’s almost like as a reader we are there with you 🙂

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