What happens if I sign up to Only Fans?

Hi! So I know this is something you’ve been thinking about. Signing up to OnlyFans… I don’t know, doesn’t that make you a perv, or desperate?

Short answer: NO.

OnlyFans has a reputation of being a porn site; understandably, in my experience about 90% of the accounts on there ARE sex based. OnlyFans is one of the VERY FEW websites that allow you to earn income AND don’t punish sex work so it’s not surprising that many individuals have chosen to migrate there to do so. It’s also used by fitness gurus, recipe creators, lifestyle coaches & many more. It is NOT purely a site for sex work. It’s just a great website that has a lot of sex workers using it because they’re shunned everywhere else.

Remember when you were a kid and you’d go to the corner shop every week for a new edition of your magazine? I collected ‘Treasures of the Earth’ lol. When I was a teenager I migrated over to ‘New Scientist’, along with a monthly subscription to ‘Cosmopolitan’. Now I don’t use any magazine subscriptions but I do subscribe online. Not exclusively to publications but to Netflix, Amazon Prime & more recently one of my fave twitter girls on OnlyFans. I really didn’t know what to expect. Is this porn? Was I subscribing to porn? I just knew I wanted to support this girls endeavours because she’s cool and it’s just another form of entertainment for me. The only difference is, shes getting paid directly to provide me with entertainment instead of working for peanuts & lining Jeff Bezos’ pockets. It’s a GREAT model as an online subscription service and the longer I’ve been on there the more I’ve realised that. But you wanna know the nitty gritty right? Ok, let me tell you EXACTLY what to expect.

Like any other website you fill out one of those forms when you sign up that has your name and email address and blah, blah, BLAH. Once you’ve done that, there’s a point of difference. You’re gonna need your ID handy cause you’re gonna send them a picture of your face, taken live in that moment, holding your ID next to it. Better make sure it’s SUPER clear (I got rejected twice before I was authorised to join lol), this will be verified by a real human being somewhere in the other side of the world so can take time. Only the person who did the verification knows your real identity, they keep this information hidden and is in case you turn out to be a nonce further down the line. Next you’re gonna have to enter your bank details (doing this does not mean you pay any money), this is purely so that if you wish to make purchases on OnlyFans in future you can do so at the click of a button.

Now that you’re registered your profile is COMPLETELY anonymous. Your name is a string of numbers and your face is blank. If you like to then you can keep it that way. Anyone you subsequently subscribe to will never know your identity unless you choose to disclose it. Once you’ve found the person you want to subscribe to, click the button on their profile that says ‘subscribe for $9.99’ or whatever their subscription costs. Once you’re in, you have access to everything they post for 30 days. You can chat to them directly in DMs too. It’s like if instagram and twitter had a love child in terms of its interface. Super easy to use. Because everyone in there has PAID to be there, all the usual dickheads you find on social media are GONE. It’s got a GREAT atmosphere, really happy and fun, the person you’re subscribing to is relaxed cause they’re not fending off trolls like usual and you have a real opportunity to connect with them in a way that’s tricky on classic social media sites.

From time to time you might notice the creator sends something to your inbox a PPV. This is pay per view content. There’s no obligation to purchase but this is standard for those wanting a little extra to wanna splurge on. Creators like myself are usually asked for extras so it makes sense to send out a PPV en masse rather than individually for two reasons; everyone gets an opportunity to purchase the content, it’s more efficient to click send all so I can get back to chatting to you one on one rather than clicking send individually to the handful of people that have requested it.

If you’re enjoying the content so much you think it’s worth more than you’ve paid to subscribe you can also tip the creator a little extra. Buy them a coffee, make them feel appreciated. I know when I get tips it really lifts my spirits and makes me want to spend more time on there. Conversely being barked at to ‘sHoW pUsSy’ has an adverse effect. There’s also a toggle on the creators profile called rebill which you can toggle on or off if you wish for it to auto-subscribe for another month, or not. As you wish. MUCH more user friendly than classic subscription services!

So when I subscribed to Laura on there, I also tipped her in the first message. I knew she would get a LOT of messages and that would help me stand out. Generally speaking if there are a few people trying to talk to the creator at once they will talk to everyone but will prioritise replying to the tippers first. Once I had done that I checked my bank statement and it came up as ‘OF’ on there. I asked one of my subscribers what it looked like on his and it was ‘OF London’ for him. Either way, very discreet if you’re more comfortable with the details being undisclosed. It doesn’t reveal who you’re subscribing to, for all anyone else knows, you’re just enjoying some life coaching…

So what are you waiting for?! Subscribe to me from an existing account, by clicking my OnlyFans link here.

If you’re interested in setting up a new OnlyFans profile, use my referral code here.

1 thought on “What happens if I sign up to Only Fans?

  1. What a great article. I’m a male and Only Fans is a very divisive subject. Im not sure what side of the fence I sit on but it was freshening to hear a more positive side of the story when the majority of things I hear is negativity. I have an open mind. The main things it’s a safe platform for women and men to do whatever they please. It’s a service where everybody wins. The provider makes the cash and the customer is provided with a service (whatever that is) just like you would anything else in life.

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